What is Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a method used for problem solving. The difference it holds against other methods is, it’s creative approach towards problems.

Brainstorming allows you the liberty to build your analysis on an existing idea or start with a completely newer one. The involvement of people that it allows depends on you. More than anyone else it will be a certain individual or team, together, thinking,

  • What works for the ongoing project?
  • What does not work on this new project?

3 Steps of Brainstorming

Brainstorming is known to involve certain loosely structured rules. This is due to the flexible nature of the technique. Below are the 3 steps involved in the process:

Step 1: Be Specific about the problem area

Lets see this with an example. If the sales for a certain product drops, You may need to brainstorm to find out the exact problem area. For example, Know if anything wrong with the product or if anything wrong with the marketing or any other area. Knowing exact problem is you are half way to solution.

Step 2: Find out the challenges reaching end results be met with, during your way to succeeding.

Step 3: Is to search and analyse. This is especially for the solutions to fight various challenges encountered.

Remember, never think of brainstorming as something tightly structured. It provides you with the liberty to entertain every big and small idea together. This gives opportunity for improvement. Specifically by the merger of various ideas. This gives a great output.

For example,

If you want to work in the education sector. There are certain basic steps that you will have to go through. These will lead you to the very desired results. The steps are,

  • You need to search for the field you want to work with. Some fields being, Science, Arts and Commerce.
  • Secondly, it becomes necessary for you to find out the challenges that you might be dealing with. Some challenges might be,
  • Gathering the best facilities
    • Convincing parents to prefer your institution
    • Providing a faculty, appreciated by everyone
  • Finding the challenges will help you to gear up. This necessary acknowledgement makes for you to be already prepared.
  • Next step will involve various ways to tackle the challenges.

This is how you will finally be able to accomplish your journey to be the provider of a better educational institute.

Brainstorming involves entertaining such fresh ideas. This allows for a very desired output. Leaving yourself and the team to awestruck people, with immense success. 

Are you brainstorming enough?

The question, “Are you brainstorming enough?” This exactly will bring the required and necessary change. If you want to see yourself progressive, then this question should be a part of your schedule. Include this questioning session as a very important time slot in your day to day activities.

This will help your brain get to work. You will focus and stress on various good and bad. Especially the ones that are very frequent in your life. The question doesn’t necessarily need to be your personal thing. It is something, when incorporated into your team and organisation, will bring only benefit.

Therefore, make sure to necessarily bring into routine something as simplistic as this. You can not only grow on a personal level utilising it, you will help your organisation prosper too.

7 techniques of brainstorming

There are various methods and techniques for indulging in brainstorming. This is very important, as it helps increase the consistency in brewing of newer ideas. This makes listing the important methods of brainstorming very important.

Due to numerous ways of some indulging in brainstorming, not every other method can be mentioned. Some important ones are below,

Collaborative method

This method is also known as Charette method. The technique has been widely accepted around by people because it provides scope for observation and solutions. Its nature of dividing tasks into groups and subgroups makes it more reliable. The method that goes around in the collaborative method of brainstorming is,

  • Division of a large group to more broken down groups. This helps keen discussion on various minor and often missed topics. These topics hold more importance than considered.
  • The topics are distributed among these groups. This allows the gateway to various new discussions.
  • Finally all ideas surfaced from these smaller groups are compiled.
  • These ideas are now analysed. They are then put to use wherever necessary. The scrutiny that these ideas go through is enough for them to be highly refined.

The Round Table Brainstorming

Round table brainstorming also better known as Round Robin brainstorming is quite popular among various sectors of life. The Round Robin method is a wider approach unlike the collaborative method. The process that goes into roundtable brainstorming is as below;

  • Everyone involved is made to sit around each other at a round table (at times symbolic! at times not!).
  • The sitting arrangement follows with each and every individual free to speak out their ideas. Important part is that everyone will need to be welcoming and open to suggestions from colleagues.
  • Ideas need not necessarily be recited. Writing them down counts as equal.

Best part about Round table brainstorming is, no new idea is side-tracked. Every idea receives an equal chance to stand out. And is welcomed with open arms.

Firing Questions

Brainstorming can be conducted by various new and creative ideas. One of such ideas is firing various questions. It stands out and thus has been provided a much deserved spot. Brainstorming usually is storming your brain with ideas to solve a problem. Therefore the involvement of running behind solutions is seen very often. Firing questions brainstorming technique involves the below process,

  • The people are asked to create questions which will need solutions.
  • The brain is stormed with immense and deep thoughts on creating necessary questions. These questions are mostly regarding a provided topic.
  • Finally reaching the limit of questions in a topic, people can turn to finding answers and necessary solutions for these questions.

The nature of asking questions instead of finding answers makes Firing Questions, a brainstorming technique unique. This process involves some active work of critical thinking. Thus your critical thinking skills are also polished.

One Step at a time technique

This technique is another widely accepted one for brainstorming. The process involves steps that restrains individuals from being biased. The technique is completely based on presence of mind.

An individual or two are exposed to a certain topic and asked to brainstorm on it. The technique usually starts with the discussion. The discussion most of the time involves two individuals, putting across their views on a certain topic.

Very naturally other people present join into the conversation or discussion. This helps them provide their views regarding the topic. Finally, leading to a variety of ideas without bias.

Sketching Mind Maps

Sketching mind maps is one of the methods used from quiet back in time. Though old, the method is still gold! Sounds overrated? Think again! Mind mapping, deserves every single bit of appreciation. This method of brainstorming not only helps you polish your creative thinking skills but also brush your analytical brainstorming. The process of sketching mind maps is,

  • The central Idea or the idea of focus is written in the middle of the paper (Any other medium of noting down is OK!).
  • Then around the central Idea various different subtopics regarding this particular topic are mentioned.
  • In the next process each subtopic is turned into the central idea. This helps in easily being able to cover every different aspect of a subtopic.

Reverse Brainstorming

Reverse brainstorming has been in use since the term brainstorming came into existence. So, what makes this old method still very effective? Many will question the relatability of the method in today’s time. Having years added to it, has only made this technique of more accuracy. The process involved is,

  • Individuals are asked to fish out various problems that might arise in the given idea. And we know how did we can be in finding problems! Don’t we? Solutions are a bit harder to find. Isn’t it right??
  • This technique next involves analysing these problems and trying to oppose them. This is where the reverse brainstorming works.
  • In the process of trying to oppose these problems, people come to find solutions to them. Making brainstorming more easier than before!

Brainstorming Online

We as people from a pandemic stricken Earth, very well know the importance of virtual or online. Similarly is online brainstorming. Internet provides diversity.

Various people from different places can find themselves involved in a particular Idea and brainstorm together. This will lead to the necessary exposure as well as involvement leading to a better and improved brainstorming session.

Traditional methods of brainstorming are paid the most minimalistic heed here. Being involved remotely is no issue. 

How does brainstorming help us grow as an individual?

Brainstorming isn’t thinking. Its conversation between you and your best.

Some questions when asked make us ponder. The above one is no less. Benefitting from a solved problem is not a surprise. But, certain other surprises might follow, when it comes to individual personal growth. What benefits then?

As a human, it is our tendency to keep getting better. This is the tendency which is benefitted by brainstorming. Seeking questions from your brain, does two important things. They are,

  • Is the information you have enough?
  • the necessary information or knowledge to feed your storehouse

Once, clear on these parts, you can rest assured about the evaluation of your skills.This makes brainstorming a necessary asset in your growth as an individual.

How does brainstorming help an organisation grow?

Brainstorming is as critical to an organisation as regular exercise to your health.

Similar to helping an individual, brainstorming can be very helpful when it comes to growth of an organisation. An organisation finds itself among following benefits when it comes to brainstorming,

  1. Every individual in an organisation, gets a clear idea. The idea about various assets possessed by them as well as other team members. This makes assigning tasks to gain the most desirable outcome, very easy and smooth.
  1. Another benefit is, the team develops a greater understanding among themselves. This makes it easier for them to work in great coordination. This is again very beneficial, especially for the team to grow and prosper. Reach the heights, with the combined and coordinated efforts.
  1. Another quite obvious benefit is, empathy grows within the team. Makes the team or organisation more together than ever before. This work environment provides the members to have internal motivation. To work for growing together with fellow members.

What are the benefits of brainstorming?

Brainstorming can be a very complex yet easy process at the same time. It can come to exhaust you, and even exhaust out the tension within you. These quirks about brainstorming can give you the exact path, discovering your own and a very personal method to brainstorm.

Brainstorming can be challenging. But, what isn’t challenging? Everything is, even trying to breathe fresh air, at times now, is immensely challenging. Therefore, acknowledging the challenging factor, let us move forward to benefits. Here are a few benefits of brainstorming,

Allowing external views

At times, we being closely related to a stressful problem, makes it difficult to analyse it with a clear head. Thus, brainstorming with a group of people, not related to your problem can be immensely beneficial. The people are more likely to open up regarding the issue.

This gives a clear perspective. Therefore, helping you find a new approach to the problem at hand. This proves to be helpful in solving a very complex issue in the simplest of manners.

Building Ideas

It is not possible that every idea will be fruitful. But, each idea has the potential to lead you to the best possible solution. Brainstorming is the technique by which Idea building is given preference. It is very important for giving space for every small and big idea.

You can never know which idea will work for you. Thus brainstorming proves its importance by giving space to the chain of thoughts. This chain brings in the necessary changes. Changes lead to growth of problem solving ideas.

Helps generate a list of ideas

Whenever you get indulged in a brainstorming session you will find yourself fired at with various ideas. These ideas will turn out to be fruitful some way or the other. Therefore remember to always note them down no matter how big or small the idea may sound.

These jotted down ideas of will someday be beneficial. You can always grow on them and build it into something extraordinary. Thus, this list of ideas is one of the assets or benefits that come out of brainstorming sessions.

Promotes Teamwork

Brainstorming is a definitely an activity that can be performed on both individual as well as a team. Brainstorming together on our idea provides the members in the team to keenly understand the other members. Thus, brainstorming promotes better understanding between members of a team and there for teamwork. 

Summing- What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming as a problem solving method has been covered in the above article. How brainstorming can be beneficial as well as various techniques of brainstorming are also discussed in detail. A look through the article will be enough to attain necessary knowledge regarding brainstorming.

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