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Honesty is best policy story

Honesty is best policy story

Here is a short story on Honesty is the best policy.

Once there lived a king who was getting old already and had three sons. All the three were equally brave, smart and wise just like the ruler. Now the king had to decide who will be his successor. He was really confused and couldn’t make a decision easily. He consulted his ministers but all in vain, he was even more confused.

One fine day, he called all the three sons and gave them each a seed and said, “My dear sons, I’m giving you each a seed and I want you to plants these seeds in a pot. When the time comes I will come and check your pots, the one who has a beautiful plant will succeed the throne”.

So after a few months the king again called his sons and asked him to bring their pots. The first two brothers came happily with plants in their pots, whereas the younger one came with nothing in his pot. He looked sad and upset. The king inspected all the three pots and looked at the youngest son.

The son immediately fell on his knees and said, “I’m sorry father, even though I cared for the seeds that you gave me, I couldn’t grow a plant”. The other two sons looked at him in disgrace. The king smiled at his youngest son and said, “Don’t worry son, the seeds that I gave you all were already dead and of no use, no plants could be grow be grown from those seeds. In order to please me your brothers have apparently lied to me by planting another seed.  However you were honest and told me the truth which is very appropriate, because the most important quality of a king is to be honest. So you will become my successor” announced the king.

Honesty is the best policy is not a proverb only for kids

In our young age we have learnt so many proverbs that have a deeper meaning to it, but as adults are we following these proverbs, is the question. “Honey is the best policy” is one such proverb. We have heard so many moral stories, essays, and lectures related to this proverb. We even preach our kids but we don’t practice this in real life.

Why should we practice being honest?

Guilt free life

It is understood that people lie for benefits, but don’t forget that the truth will always come out. In order to keep the secret you have to tell more lies. What happens after that? You end up being guilty. Dishonesty will cause nothing but this. Instead, if you are honest even if you are at fault; you are free of guilt and stay peacefully.

 Gain reputation

Honest people are always respectable; you gain reputation by being honest consistently, you will also have followers who admire your quality and will be valued by your followers and also you tend to gain a high position in their hearts. This cannot be achieved easily, as said you have to be honest throughout your life.

Become trustworthy

Trust is in alignment with honesty. A person cannot trust you if you have been dishonest with him/her. No matter how hard you try, trust once broken is hard to gain. Ask yourself will you trust a liar? Is it possible? Even if you know that he/she loves you? There is always a pinch of doubt in your mind regarding that person. That’s why honesty plays an important role in trusting a person.

You become an inspiration

As an honest reputable person you become an inspiration for many around you. We have heard/seen many incidents like returning the lost wallet, speaking the truth in spite of a bitter consequence, and returning the lost money to whomever it belongs. Don’t we all consider these people in these stories as Heroes? I’m sure you also want to be one among that person.

Better relationship

The basement of a good relationship is honesty. As mentioned, honesty leads to trusting a person and a good relationship is built on trust. It is a universal fact that a single lie is enough to shatter a relationship whereas honesty strengthens your relationship.

Makes you live in peace

Honesty will give you peace; living with lies makes you stressful and anxious. It constantly keeps coming back to you. Your conscience is never at peace when you lie to a person, it keeps haunting you day and night. However, if you are straight -forward and decide to be truthful you will be peaceful in your life.

Honesty makes you more confident

An honest person is a confident person. We would have noticed few people walking with their heads up and looking straight into our eyes every time they converse. These people speak what they think and feel is right. Honesty makes them fearless and this quality makes them confident.

 Honesty makes you a better person

When you are honest you spread positivity, people look up to you. Research shows that when you are honest you become more matured and it is easy for you to tackle problems. This trait makes you special and you will start loving yourself.

Better communication

Open and honest communication will take on a different level. It other words, you deliver an effective communication. Even if there is a difference of opinion, with right words and confidence you can even win an argument.

Honesty makes your life easier

Believe me honesty is the easy way rather than going in the other direction. Once you have made up your mind throughout your life, then automatically everything falls in place. It is said that Honesty saves everyone’s time, which is 100% true.  

How can you be an honest person?

Practice what you preach

We all expect the truth but we don’t want to be honest. We tell our children not to lie, but are we setting the right example? Sometimes we make them walk in the wrong path. Think about it. Not just with children, but with our family, friends, and colleagues. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, will you take it if you are deceived? No… Right? Well, nobody likes to be cheated.

Start with simple things

Some times when people ask us general questions, just for the sake of answering, we give them wrong answers. For example, if someone compliments your outfit asks you for the price, most usually give a higher price. Why do we do that? Was it really necessary? Why didn’t you just give the right price? You can start from this.

Do not exaggerate.

Some people have the habit of exaggerating things. This is also a form of dishonesty. When you build stories to make things more interesting, you give them a false picture. You do not know how this is going to affect them.

 Speaking based on fact

Don’t publicize things that you have heard from someone, this could again be misleading. When you are not sure about a matter either just ignore it or mention that you have heard it from so-and-so and that you are not sure whether it is true.

Speak from your heart

Speak only what you believe in; if you disagree to the other person’s view then don’t hesitate to argue. Get things out of our hearts. You don’t have to agree to his point just because he is our friend.

Conclusion: Honesty is best policy story

It takes immense courage but once you have made up your mind and start following honesty that would be the best decision ever made. Don’t think too much about the consequences of telling the truth; be happy that you have not deceived someone. Most important is to enjoy the guilt free moment. Finally, trust others, believe them if you explain the truth even if it is against them they will understand you at some point. Be patient and just give them time.

Honesty is the best policy, and merely the safest

– William shekespeare

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