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How to write like a storytelling

You don’t know how to write unless you know Storytelling.

Writing is a way of narrating your thoughts, emotions, and feelings through words, symbols, numbers, punctuations, etc. Writing can be of different types and used for different purposes. But it is very important as it is required to convey the proper thoughts and clear communication.

Storytelling is the same thing as narrating your thoughts and emotions through different modes. There are several modes of delivering the story. You can do storytelling through:

  • Speech
  • Actions
  • Pictures
  • Puppets
  • Music and Dance
  • Writing

“Write to Express Yourself”

How to write like a storytelling?

There are many tips to understand and to make writing look beautiful and like a story. We know many picture scripts and the stories are written by the writers and then the roles are assigned to people. So, the story itself should be so much interesting and strong that the audience should get involved in it. There are many tips to write like a storytelling. Let’s go through 18 tips each in details:

  1. Have Emotions
  2. See, Feel and then write
  3. Think like a Poet
  4. Build your words
  5. Have Erythematic tone
  6. Visualizes
  7. Framing
  8. Know Your audience
  9. Get new Ideas
  10. Try to make it interesting
  11. Uses of dialogues
  12. Try to involve expressions
  13. Use characters
  14. Use creativity
  15. Invoke drama
  16. Engage your audience
  17. End every page with the continuous story
  18. Use exclamations

Have Emotions

Writing is the way of representing your emotions in the form of writing. Emotions are the direct connections towards the audience. When writing involves emotions then everyone can automatically connect. Without emotions, the writing is just like a tree without fruits. Human beings are always connected because of emotions. when we write with an emotion we get automatically involve or connected to them.

See, Feel and Write

Sometimes you can get an idea from what you see. When we are spending beautiful time near the garden, or near the river we often feel very nostalgic and try to narrate most poetically about our feelings, so we should always take advantage of nature because nature is the most beautiful teacher which can teach and give us immense ideas about life. So, always Enjoy the Sight, feel it and then Write.

Think like a poet

Thinking like a poet is not like becoming a poet because to be a poet you need immense talent which one cannot get it randomly but thinking like a poet means thinking beneath something or making it sound like a parody. Your big story should narrate in a small poem when you are thinking like a poet. You should able to convinced and deliver your message with sweet and limited words that the beautiful talent of a poet.

Build your Words

It is very important to make words out of curiosity, sight, or feelings. Try to express everything and build your words. Your words will be what will be defining you and your thoughts. Your words will narrate your story and make it a motivational story. So always build your words using your thoughts and feelings.

Your writing should have Convincing Power”

Have Erythematic Tone

Try to use rhyming words and erythematic tone in your writing, use interesting sound like falling of water, river, the sound of a wind, etc. try to narrate everything in the form of words so that when the reader is reading, they feel the presence of every word of yours in real and so that they are fully involved and connected in your writing.


Visualizes means a form of imagination. Use your imagination to make your writing more beautiful. We all have imagination power that can be used constructively. Think and imagine like a fairy tale and express your feelings in the writing. Imagination gives rise to curiosity and curiosity gives rise to new things. So never stop your imagination.


Framing the words and using them in the correct positions is very important. It also means using the correct words and the correct topic at the correct place. When we are doing it properly it will give your story a beautiful look. Framing the situations, nature, thoughts feelings in the right way is what is most important.

Know your audience

It is very important to know your audience or the purpose of your writing so that you can frame and use examples accordingly to encourage them to read. Your main purpose of writing is the most important thing one should know to write like a storytelling.

Get new ideas

It is always interesting when we use new ideas in our presentation. Every one like new things, new technique, and the imagination world. How children are so much obsessed with the story though they are not real they have something new in them which they don’t see or feel in the real world. So, it is very important to think differently and unique way.

“Write to encourage yourself and others will follow”

Try to make it interesting

It is very necessary to make writing interesting, use the various technique to make your writing interesting and does not feel like a boring piece of paper. But it should be interesting and attractive. Your writing may have simple words but it should not be simple.

“Writing is the Best Ways to talk”

Uses of Dialogues

It can be fun and attractive when you use dialogues or an old saying in your writing, when we are using such things, it makes our writing like a story and interesting. People like to recall the old saying or a punch line. They feel connected to your writing

Try to involve expressions

Use words that represent expressions like asking a question, or amaze, or surprised. Try to use sentences that represent all such expressions. Because when we are writing with expressions, we are letting the audience get involve and they too read with the same expression.

Use Characters

It is very important to write with the use of characters. Different characters help writing clear and the audience can easily narrate it just like a story. Use different characters in your write-up so that you can write like a conversation and there is no confusion in your writing and reading.

Use Creativity

Creativity is the foremost important tip in any way of writing. If you are not creative enough you are not able to convey your message properly and the audience will be bored. Creativity enhances the way of writing and it makes the content more interesting and attractive. Work on your creative thinking skills to write (like a) storytelling.

Invoke Drama

Use drama scene when required. Drama Help to get connections with the audience. As drama is always interesting and it is the form of storytelling in pictures used in the form of writing. Drama helps people to understand the writing with more attention and they feel it more interesting and enjoy it.

Engage your Audience

Great writing is the way of engaging your audience so that they are not bored and they finish your writing. Know your audience and strategically use your lines and frames. You’re writing should be simple and easy so that audience can easily understand and don’t spend much time understanding your words.

End every page with the continuous story

It is very important about framing the writing. Just like our Shows and pictures how they end the first episodes in so much curiosity and suspense that we are forced to watch the next episode. Use such tricks in your writing.  Do not use ending lines in the last lines of the page but always use suspense and continuous process in the last lines so that the readers are forced to turn the page and read the next page.

Use Exclamations

Using Exclamations is just creating suspense or indulging surprise news or saying in your writing. That will not only help the reader to connect but also help them gain some important facts or news that they might not know which can help them increase their knowledge.

Examples to Write like a storytelling

One of the best and the most appreciated way of writing a story is the books written by the expert for the pre-schoolers kids. When you are looking to write like a storytelling, you should have a look at the pre-schooler books. Those books are defined and narrated so very good, complex topics are narrated in simple words and in the form of stories so that the kids who don’t understand anything and are clearing their first step of understanding can understand the concepts. Their way of writing and narrating the concepts in the form of stories is commendable.

Those books are so interesting and they are so powerful I won’t believe saying that no parent have stopped going through the whole book though they already know the concepts. But the writing is so beautiful that it won’t resist us to finish reading.

Tips to write like storytelling

  1. Read something new every day
  2. Write like a hobby
  3. Join a workshop
  4. Imitate writers you admire
  5. Use proper Outlines

Read something new every day

It is very important to get updated and receive new ideas every time. Try reading something new every day so that you can learn and grow on writing skills. Maybe you can get some inspirations and motivation whom you can follow and write.

Write like a Hobby

Writing is for the person who feels it like a hobby. It cannot be done like a job or under immense pressure. Writing is the way of expressing your thoughts and feeling through pens. It is not the schedule work that you have to follow every day.

Join a Workshop

There are many workshops or classes in the that you can easily enrol and learn how to write and get some working tips. You may also get the chance to learn the writing techniques from the great authors in the world which will surely help you out to write beautifully.

Imitate Writers you Admire

Try to read books from different authors and get motivated. Try to use their writing skills and tips to make your writing look like a story. Get motivation and inspiration from the people you have been admiring.

Use Proper Outlines

It is very important to use proper outlines and to highlight your heading. Always highlight the important and meaningful words in your writing. So that the readers by any chance don’t miss it a. And only by reading the underlines they should be able to understand the whole context of writing. So always make your outline interesting.


Recommended books for How to write storytelling

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