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What is Subconscious Mind

There are a few books suggesting great power of subconscious mind and how to use it. Before we discuss about its power, it is important to know what is subconscious mind?

What is Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind helps us perform Self talk and help us think about the results or the reaction according to our actions. The subconscious mind plays a very important role in everyone’s life. It is very important to follow our subconscious mind for our growth. The subconscious mind will always direct us to the right path and will always show the difference between right and wrong. The subconscious mind helps us think about the future and help us take actions that were as conscious mind will always see the present scenario and help us to take actions.

Use the power of both the mind and climb the ladder of success

How to use the Power of the Subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind.

We must do Self talk with our subconscious mind because we know ourselves better than anyone else. And it is a very important part of everyone’s life. Our Subconscious mind helps us to know what is right for us and what is not. Therefore, it is very necessary to use the best of our subconscious mind. There are various ways to use our Sub conscious mind:

  1. Meditation
  2. Soft Music
  3. Pay attention
  4. Stay Positive
  5. Sleep Well
  6. Be happy
  7. Be confident
  8. Relax


Meditation is very important in everyone’s life. meditation is the art of relaxing our body and mind. With mediation, we feel relaxed and our mind is totally at peace. When we are in peace and not thinking anything negative, we can easily hear our subconscious mind carefully. Moreover, meditation is very important to make our subconscious go in the positive direction rather than in the negative direction. When we are meditating out body and mind both feel relaxed, calm and always feel positive. So, it is very important to practice the art of mindfulness and meditation.

Soft Music

Soft music has a very great and important role in our life. When we are listening to music, we feel impressed and positive hormones get secreted in our body which can make us cheerful and happy. When we are cheerful our subconscious mind is also happy and guides us with a positive response. There are many types of music but we should listen to what makes us happy and cheerful. Music has a great impact on everyone’s life. So, always stay calm and happy and listen to your Sub-Conscious mind.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will always give you clues and always talk with you. Always listen to it and don’t ignore it. Many a time we neglect our Subconscious mind and never pay attention, which can lead us to trouble many times. Therefore, always listen to our subconscious mind and the Self-Talk.

Stay Positive

It is very necessary to stay positive for yourself. Staying positive helps you in many ways. When you are positive your subconscious mind will be capable enough to think positively and guide you with the correct path. If we are too negative our self-talk and subconscious mind are affected and it may guide us on the wrong path. So always have a positive attitude, sometimes our subconscious mind may guide us on the wrong path but you should always try to flip it with positivity and stop going to the wrong path.

Sleep Well

Sleeping is very important for our body. If our body is relaxed and calm then we can cope up with the outside world. Our body and mind need relaxation every interval of time. When we are relaxed and calm we can listen to our subconscious mind and our subconscious mind will always lead us with positive directions and thoughts. So, it is very important to take a rest and give your body rest.

Be Happy

Always try to be happy when we are happy, we are releasing a lot of positivity in our body that makes our whole thinking process positive. When we are happy, we can listen to our subconsciousness and we can think about the difference between positivity and negativity. Be happy and share happiness always.

Be Confident

Self-Confidence is very important in everyone’s life. Confidence will always help your subconscious mind think on the positive side and help you make decisions with ease. The subconscious mind needs positivity to lead you to the correct path. Therefore, always be confident enough so that your subconscious mind, brain, and your actions all work in a constructive way for your growth.


Though it seems like a simple word it is a complicated thing for our body to do. We are always in tension and stress. To be in relax positions and work stress-free is very difficult in our life. Although we know the disadvantages but it is natural to have stress. So, practice the art of mindfulness and mediation to make your body and soul feel relaxed and happy. Such practice will always help you to choose the correct path and you can easily use the positive power of your Subconscious mind.

Exercises to Boost your Sub-Consciousness

You can remake yourself by giving a new blueprint to your subconscious mind.

  1. Meditation
  2. Do what make you Happy
  3. Chase your Dreams
  4. Get out of your Comfort Zone
  5. Intuition


As we have already known till now the importance and benefits of practicing the art of Meditation. For our health and body, we should always practice meditation. That helps us relax and stay calm. when we are calm and relaxed, we are automatically thinking most positively and we work hard to chase our dreams.

Do What Makes you happy

Our subconscious mind is always happy when getting what it dreamed of. Because it is related to your happiness and dreams. You know better yourself than anyone, so when you are doing or fulfilling things that make you happy your subconscious mind will always support you and will be happy to guide you in the positive and correct directions

Chase your Dreams

Chasing dreams and fulfilling them is the happiest moment of our life, when we are working hard on our dreams our subconscious mind will always be with us to support us and help us to find the way of chasing our dreams. Our subconscious mind is always happy when we give time to ourselves and dream and do what we want.

Getting out of Comfort Zone

When we are getting out of our Comfort zone our subconscious mind plays a very great role.; Because it helps us to get adjusted to the situation. If we are not ready it helps us to be aware of things and prepare ourselves. From start to the day until we adjust to our new routine our subconscious mind will always guide us and prepare us. Through such adjustment we become confident and self-worth and our subconscious mind also grows and in a positive direction.


Intuition is another word of taking with your subconscious mind. It is the feeling that makes you understand the result or something is going to happen before the situation is even performed. Intuition is the way the subconscious mind talks with you and gives your either positive thoughts or negative thoughts. If you’re your intuition is in the positive direction you can use it positively and when it is negative you have to trouble yourself and try to make it go positively.

Benefits of Listening to the Sub-Conscious mind

There are many Benefits of Listening to your Subconscious mind.

  1. Boost Self-Confidence
  2. Increase Problem Solving Attitude
  3. Healthy Relationship
  4. Increase Discission making Capability
  5. Improve Health

Boost Self confidence

When we are listening to our subconscious mind and if we have succeeded in a particular task, we will become confident. Our belief will make us confident that what my subconscious mind is thinking is great and I have to gain success accordingly. When we are chasing our dreams there will be a lot of negativity and many will prevent us from getting close to success but our subconscious mind will always help us to go against all this and fulfil our dream and successes.

Increases Problem Solving Attitude

Listening to our subconscious mind help us to solve a certain problem. It helps us guide the way to the road to success and defeat the problems. When we are confident enough our subconscious mind becomes confident and we start to have Self -Belief that we can do it and help us fight the situation and solve the problem with ease. So, the Subconscious mind always helps us increase our problem-solving attitude and help to increase our growth.

Healthy Relationships

When we can understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong or when our subconsciousness helps us to understand the importance of a relationship, we gain a healthy relationship with everyone. The relationship does not only mean with partners but also with family members, Socially, etc. It helps us to become a great person with a golden heart and helps us maintain a healthy relationship with everyone.

Increase Decision-Making Capabilities

Our subconscious mind will always guide us or aware of the results of our actions. It will always help us to take the correct path and follow what is good and beneficial for us. As a result, our decision making Capabilities increases and we can take the correct decision at the correct time.

Improve Health

Our subconscious mind will help us with the growth and development of ourselves. Our mind knows us better than anyone else. It will always guide us on what is good and correct for us. When we are happy and gained what we needed our body reflects positivity and our thoughts and actions all go most positively and we improve our health. Our subconscious and help us to think positively and enjoy.

“Remind Yourself Every time that Subconscious mind is your Healing Aid”


95% of your life is crafted by your subconscious mind

Your Subconscious mind is a very precious gift from God, it will always guide you towards positivity and growth. Always try to use your subconsciousness for the best and never let it go in the negative direction. Be positive and practice good things that will help you to gain a positive Subconscious mind.  Always try to use the power and benefits from your subconscious mind.

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This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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