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Article submission on our site

Write for us….. We allow article submission on our site.

Yes, with Prospursity, now everybody can become a writer. We are always looking for new ideas and new authors for article submission on our sites. At Prospursity, we are currently looking for articles around below topics:

Topics for article submission:

  • Self help and personality development
  • Soft skills development
  • Success & Positivity
  • Self learning
  • Personal Finance
  • Health Management

If you think you have an idea around any of the above topic which will mesmerise readers, this is the right platform to publish your idea and reach out to the large audience.

Do your homework

That’s right. To write for Prospursity, You need to do your homework. Once you submit the article, it will be reviewed by our editors. If there are any revisions required, you will get the feedback accordingly. We love it when you submit the article with reflects a proper research around the topic you want to cover. On the other hand, we hate to receive any sales pitch or press release.

Points to Note

Your article

  • Can have How to… or What is… details related to the topics listed above
  • supported with research / data published or unpublished. Also provide source reference wherever required.
  • unique, and also not copied form any other published source.
  • complete with proper opening pitch, key points in the middle and conclusion in the end.
  • You can provide sources by hyperlink or also by footnote.
  • Around 2000 to 2200 words. Send attachment in MS Word and not in PDF if you prefer article submission by Email.
  • If you have any queries before or after submitting your article, please send them by Email.
  • Depending on the volume of articles we receive, we may take a couple of days to revert to you.

Sample Articles for your reference:

How to submit the article

For Article submission on our site, you may choose any one of below given methods:

  • Email us with your article in MS Word and not in PDF as attachment. or
  • Fill the below form: