Motivation Theory of McClelland

There are many ways to explain motivation, many people have developed or work on their motivation theories Maslow’s Theory of motivation, Herzberg’s Two factors theory, Alderfer ERG theory. In this article, we will read about the motivation theory of McClelland. What is Motivation? Motivations are the boosting up or pushing towards achieving particular goals or targets. Motivation is derived from the word “Motive” towards needs, … Continue reading Motivation Theory of McClelland

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How to stop Overthinking

Overthinking is an unpleasant and bothersome experience. Most of us at some point, might have experienced sleepless nights while overthinking on matters such as upcoming exams, employment prospects, relationships, any illness, an incident of trauma, or in general about any problem at work place or at home. In addition, the prevailing COVID pandemic has had overthinking take over most minds. While thinking is considered good, … Continue reading How to stop Overthinking

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What is Subconscious Mind

There are a few books suggesting great power of subconscious mind and how to use it. Before we discuss about its power, it is important to know what is subconscious mind? What is Subconscious Mind? The subconscious mind helps us perform Self talk and help us think about the results or the reaction according to our actions. The subconscious mind plays a very important role … Continue reading What is Subconscious Mind

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Effective Leadership

Leadership is an independent skill and a necessity that is inevitable in practically every sphere. Effective leadership is what establishes autonomy and self-reliance in any sector. When leadership is applied on one’s own thoughts, it becomes self-supporting, and when it is practiced in a team, it becomes wholesome! A system without a leader is like a library without order, where books lie haphazard. Leadership helps … Continue reading Effective Leadership

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How to write like a storytelling

Writing is a way of narrating your thoughts, emotions, and feelings through words, symbols, numbers, punctuations, etc. Writing can be of different types and used for different purposes. But it is very important as it is required to convey the proper thoughts and clear communication. Storytelling is the same thing as narrating your thoughts and emotions through different modes. There are several modes of delivering … Continue reading How to write like a storytelling

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Cultural Barriers To Communication

Before we begin about the Cultural barriers to communication, below is a short 1 minute HSBC “Eels” ad, a must watch to understand the topic. “The English believe it’s a slur on your host’s food if you don’t clear your plate. Whereas the Chinese feel you’re questioning their generosity if you do”. – A perfect example of cultural misunderstanding, creating cultural barriers to communication. What … Continue reading Cultural Barriers To Communication

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Honesty is best policy story

Honesty is best policy story Here is a short story on Honesty is the best policy. Once there lived a king who was getting old already and had three sons. All the three were equally brave, smart and wise just like the ruler. Now the king had to decide who will be his successor. He was really confused and couldn’t make a decision easily. He … Continue reading Honesty is best policy story

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How to Control Mindset

Our mind is the centre for all insight, and life experiences. The mind being master of all senses, it is no surprise that what we perceive or acknowledge depends entirely on our ‘mindset’! Our attitude towards people or circumstances also rests majorly on our mindset. What is mindset? Mindset may be defined as a set of notions, or beliefs that we carry. Our mindset is … Continue reading How to Control Mindset

What is Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a method used for problem solving. The difference it holds against other methods is, it’s creative approach towards problems. Brainstorming allows you the liberty to build your analysis on an existing idea or start with a completely newer one. The involvement of people that it allows depends on you. More than anyone else it will be a certain individual or team, together, thinking, … Continue reading What is Brainstorming

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What is Open Mindedness

Without an open mindedness you cannot be successful – Martha Stewart What is open mindedness? Open mindedness is the willingness to welcome, accept and explore new ideas and changes. An open minded person is not the one who depends on others ideas; he is the one, open to new concepts and is adventurous to risks. If a person is flexible and readily accepts the negative … Continue reading What is Open Mindedness