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How to accept and learn from failure

How did you felt when you got a failure last time? It is ok to have a filling of sadness. It might look disaster also. Key is how do you pickup yourself after this painful experience of failure. We always have two choices to make when met with any failure. First is to accept the defeat. Second is to convert this failure into your step … Continue reading How to accept and learn from failure

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Process of Risk Management

Every organization has to take the risk for the growth and productivity for the organization. Though risk is not so easy but to get a change and trying new things need a lot of courage and strategic planning’s. Such planning is called the Process of Risk Management Steps in the Process of Risk Management Identify the Risk Analyse the Risk Risk Priority Find the Solution … Continue reading Process of Risk Management

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What is Self Awareness

To answer what is self awareness in single sentence: Self awareness is the ability to look, understand and discover who you are. It is all about being aware about your self. Being aware about your mantle and physical strengths and weaknesses. It is said that to bring a change, first you must be aware of yourself and accept your own self. If you can analyse … Continue reading What is Self Awareness

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What is Kaizen

Kaizen is a very important quality tool. It is used as a manufacturing standard in industries. When an employee is making kaizen, they are often given certificates or rewards as they have thought for the better growth of the organization. So, they are often appreciated with a certificate of appreciation. Kaizen is the belief that small changes done consistently can create Hugh life changes over … Continue reading What is Kaizen

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The Importance Of Listening Skills

The Importance of Listening Skills ‘Listening’ is a golden tool among remarkable capabilities of human beings. ‘Listening’ is also the foremost trait that helps us connect to people around. It also form a bond of belongingness with our surrounding Nature. Right from the time from being in the womb, we begin learning through listening. As we grow up, listening skills are a gateway to acquire … Continue reading The Importance Of Listening Skills

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Trait Theory of Leadership

Trait theory of leadership means to identify the quality and characteristics of an individual to be a leader and for successful leadership. If we study real life leaders, we will find different qualities of leadership among them. These qualities are their traits which makes them a good or a bad leader. What is Trait Theory of Leadership ? Traits are the quality of the person … Continue reading Trait Theory of Leadership


Constructive Feedback

Feedbacks are very important in day-to-day life in the Businesses and the workplace. Feedback helps you to get better and know more about your weaknesses in a positive way. Feedbacks can be used to encourage, Progress, and understand the weaknesses. When feedback is provided in useful manner for improvement, it becomes constructive feedback. What is Constructive Feedback? If feedback is given as a suggestions to … Continue reading Constructive Feedback

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What is Self Esteem

Visualise a tree in spring. The strong thick branches that bear extensive green foliage, the colourful flowers and the rich yield of fruits to its credit; all make for a magnificent sight! If we weren’t introduced to biology, we would find it hard to guess that the source of this impressive view lies deep within the soil in the form of the tree’s roots! The … Continue reading What is Self Esteem

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Leading change

Change is important for productivity and progression. If we remain in the same stable position for years together, we are not progressing and we are lacking behind. Trying new things and changing bring a lot of positive resources to our life. So, we should always be ready for the change as individual. As a leader to Its important to go beyond just running your team … Continue reading Leading change